【Forwarded message】An online mental health workshop series in English

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This is a message from Max Chang (see the attached file below), who is a graduate student of Northwestern University and is currently collaborating with Prof. Ping-Chuan from the Department of Social Work, National Taiwan University.


An online mental health workshop series in English

Our mental health workshop series was initiated as a countermeasure to the isolation resulting from the recent Covid-19 lockdown. The goal of the workshops is to provide a digital community space, once a week, for English-speaking members of Taiwan. The series of workshops will cover a range of topic, with an emphasis of discussing, venting, and normalizing similar lockdown experiences. The workshops will feature an array of experts including social workers, professors, and therapists. This will be a space to break out into small (digital) groups, and share/connect with members of our community going through the same thing! #TaiwanStrong


RSVP FOR FREE NOW: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScVr4xueYZWNQk6peHRHJL_z2w6NYCdHPJKIYJzDtNtXHsr0w/viewform 


All workshops are free thanks to our collaboration with Sky Campus Taiwan and the generosity of presenting guest speakers. For more information about Sky Campus Taiwan: https://www.skycampushappiness.org 


For further questions about the workshop please feel free to contact me:

Instagram: @maxchang704 / @taiwanstrongcovidworkshop

Email: maxchang2022@u.northwestern.edu


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