MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives(MISTI) Visits NTNU

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On January 14th 2020, MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives(MISTI) Visits NTNU. MISTI is MIT’s pioneering international education program. Rooted in the Mens et Manus tradition, MISTI matches MIT students with tailored internship, research and teaching opportunities abroad. We also facilitate international faculty collaborations and develop partnerships with leading companies, research institutes and universities around the world.

This time, Mr. Sean Gilbert, Managing Director of the MIT-China/Singapore/Australia & New Zealand Program, visited NTNU. Our vice President for International Affairs, Prof. Hsiang-Lin LIU, gave him a warm welcome, followed by a discussion on MISTI's current collaborative projects in Taiwan and potential future collaborative opportunities with NTNU.

MISTI's current projects in Taiwan are mainly divided into two parts: student and faculty exchanges.Like, "the MIT-YZU Collaborative Program (My Camp)", a summer camp hold by MISTI and Yuan Ze University; and "Garage+", a program organized with the Times Foundation. In addition, Mr. Gilbert mentioned "the MISTI Global Seed Funds", which encourage MIT faculty to collaborate across countries.

Finally, NTNU and MISTI both suggested that we could continue to explore cooperation opportunities in the following topics: summer exchange camps, internships and academic exchanges. The meeting not only brought the two sides closer, but also looked forward to more cooperation opportunities in the future.