Delegates of University of Bordeaux Visits NTNU

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Delegates of University of Bordeaux Visits NTNU

President Wu Cheng Chih visited University of Bordeaux this June and signed a MOU of sister school. On November 6th, Vice President for Internationalization Joanne PAGÈZE, Véronique Debord-Lazaro, Director of the International Office visited Taiwan and to strengthen the global mobility of students from both universities.

The University of Bordeaux was founded in 1441 in France. The University of Bordeaux is part of the Community of universities and higher education institutions of Aquitaine. It is one of the first universities in the Initiative d'excellence plan from the government. They have developed well in cross disciplinary teaching and internationalization. More than 6,000 international students study in the University of Bordeaux, which has 28 English teaching master's programs and 30 dual degree programs. The University of Bordeaux is the first choice of international students in France in 2018 and they have around 20 research labs with International members.

Vice President Joanne PAGÈZE and Director Véronique Debord-Lazaro met with President Wu Cheng Chih and expressed their admiration of the campus of NTNU. They had a lovely discussion and talked about future opportunities academically and in administration. Vice President Joanne PAGÈZE shared her experience on promoting school affairs internationally in three aspects, which are professional staff, languages and education courses. Students and teachers should learn about the trend globally and provide them with guidance accordingly.

There are lots of similarities of NTNU and the University of Bordeaux in Internationalization methods. For example, both roll out English taught classes, strengthen the link of academic and industry and provide opportunities for teachers and students to meet International professionals and students. Staff from OIA and International ambassador from different colleges took the opportunity to exchange ideas with the guests from France. Vice President Sandrine Rui visited NTNU in November 2018. There are two purposes of the visit of NTNU delegates. First, to sign the MOU in university level. Both universities will provide 3 spots each semester. Second, to learn from the University of Bordeaux in internationalization and school affairs.

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