Applying for Internship after Graduation from Universities in Taiwan

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Information about application for internship in Taiwan after graduation.

Each international student may apply for duration extension once, up to one year after graduation at most.

If you want to apply for internship after graduation from universities/colleges in Taiwan, please submit your documents to the office of International Affairs  before June 5 or Dec. 5.   

Attached please find MOE directions Regarding International Students Applying for Internship after Graduation, Application Form, Internship Agreement and Extension Application form.

More information please refer to

Enterprise Academy of Information (Chinese)

Ministry of Labor

Ministry of Economic Affairs  

Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service

Government Information Office

Download File大學校院僑生港澳學生及外國學生畢業後申請在臺實習作業要點 Operation Directions Governing Applications for Internships after Graduating from UniversityCollege in Taiwan
Download File畢業僑生(含港澳生)在臺實習申請表 Application form for Overseas Chinese Student
Download File畢業外國學生在臺實習申請表 Application form for international student
Download File畢業僑外生在臺實習展期申請表 Application form for duration extension