Interim State Superintendent from Michigan Department of Education Visits NTNU

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On September 25th, Mrs. Sheila A. Alles, Interim State Superintendent of Michigan Department of Education, and Mrs. Leah Breen, Director of Office of Educator Excellence of Michigan Department of Education visited NTNU. Prof. Hsiang-Lin Liu, Vice President of Office of International Affairs; Prof. Yi-Fen Yeh, Associate Professor of College of Teacher Education; Prof. Chao-Mei Tu, Associate Professor of Department of Chinese as a Second Language; and Prof. Yung-Cheng Shen, Executive Director of Mandarin Training Center welcomed the guests in person.

The main purpose of this delegation is to understand the current situation of teacher education and mandarin training development in NTNU. Thus, during the courtesy call, Prof. Yi-Fen Yeh made a presentation about the education system and current trend of education in Taiwan, to introduce how NTNU makes an effort to train the teachers for middle schools and the policy for this system. Later, the 2 guests headed to Mandarin Training Center to have a general view of the mandarin teaching and training in NTNU. Prof. Yung-Cheng Shen and Prof. Chao-Mei Tu introduced the center to show their abundant experience and achievement. Everyone engaged in profound conversation.

Before their visit ended, the student ambassador showed the 2 guests around the campus, they both had a great time in NTNU.