Rector of University of Foreign Language Studies, The University of Danang, Visits NTNU

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On June 19th, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Huu Phuc, Rector of University of Foreign Language Studies, The University of Danang, Vietnam, visited NTNU. Executive Vice President Frank Ying; Prof. Kuang-Chao Yu, the Vice President for International Affairs, Office of International Affairs; Prof. Mei-Hui Liu, Vice President for Teacher Education & Careers Service, Office of Teacher Education & Careers Service, Prof. Ping-Huang Yang, Assoc. Chair, Department of Chinese as a Second Language, and Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai, student from the Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, welcomed them in person.

The purpose of University of Foreign Language Studies, The University of Danang's visit is to propose teaching Vietnamese as a Second Language in Taiwan, and the Rector hopes that students in Vietnam could come to Taiwan and have practical training in such field. In addition, the Rector also  mentioned that since they are a foreign university, there are many languages taught on campus, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English, French, and even Russian. For each language, teachers would design courses regarding education, tourism. culture, etc. Based on Rector's words, students who study in their university could obtain different knowledges while learning a particular foreign language.

To respond the Rector, Executive Vice President Frank Ying replied that since University of Foreign Language Studies, The University of Danang is not one of the partner schools with NTNU, it may be difficult to have numerous student or teacher exchanges under such circumstances. However, he states that both university could start the collaboration from short-term programs or visiting students. In addition, since NTNU has the largest and the most renowned Chinese language center in Taiwan (Mandarin Training Center) , with around 1,700 students from more than 70 countries enrolled each academic quarter, Prof. Kuang-Chao Yu and Prof. Ping-Huang Yang strongly recommend students from University of Foreign Language Studies, The University of Danang could come and study in NTNU's MTC center. Moreover, since Taiwanese Government is now promoting the New Southbound Policy, people who are fluent in Vietnamese will gradually be in great demand in the future. To conclude, both professors from NTNU and the guests have a fruitful conversation that day.