Kyushu University Visits NTNU

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On June 11th, Prof. Totaro Imasaka from the Center for Future Chemistry; and Tomoko Imasaka, lecturer of the Department of Environmental Design from Kyushu University, Japan, came to visit NTNU. President Cheng-Chih Wu; Prof.  Kuang-Chao Yu, Vice President for International Affairs, Office of International Affairs; Prof. Kwun-Min Chen, Dean of College of Science; Prof. Cheng-Huang Lin, Assoc. Prof. Sung-Fang Chen, and  Assist. Prof. I-Ren Lee from the Department of Chemistry welcomed them in person. 

Just last year December, NTNU's College of Science have just signed MOU with Kyushu University's Faculty of Engineering; Graduate School of Engineering; School of Engineering; Faculty of Science; Graduate School of Science; School of Science; Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences; Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences; School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering. According to the former President, Prof. Kuo-En Chang stated that NTNU is excited to embark on a new partnership with Kyushu University and look forward to substantiating this partnership with lively activities in the days ahead.

Conincidentally, the vistors that came to NTNU on June 11th also showed up during President Wu's delegation to Kyushu University. Based on Prof. Totaro Imasaka's words, he emphasized that their President would be delighful to welcome NTNU again, and hopefully both univeristies could have an agreement on not only college level, but an university one. Since both universities have some similar research fields, Kyushu University believes that increasing the academic cooperation and student (faculty) exchange will benifit each other.

After the courtesy call, the Student Ambassdor from NTNU also show the guests around the campus. The vistors had a fruitful meeting and a wonderful afternoon that day.