President of Doshisha University Visited NTNU

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On December 18th, the new president Takashi Matsuoka from Doshisha University came to NTNU for the first time. President Kuo-En Chang, Vice President Cheng-Chih Wu, and Vice President for International Affairs, Office of International Affairs Kuang-Chao Yu welcomed him with hospitality and introduced NTNU to him, hoping to promote the academic collaboration and student exchange.

Doshisha University, also referred to as Dodai, is a private university in Kyoto City, Japan. Established in 1875, it is one of Japan's oldest private institutions of higher learning and has approximately 30,000 students enrolled on four different campuses in Kyoto. Now there are 4 NTNU students at Doshisha University and 2 students from Doshisha University are here at NTNU.

According to President Chang, NTNU not only has many architectures on campus built in the period of Japanese occupation, but also has a rich collection of books and valuable documents from the period of Japanese occupation. Therefore, several Japanese scholars have visited NTNU to seek out the history of Taiwan.

Furthermore, President Chang mentioned about NTNU's academic collaboration with other Universities. For instance, the English Department of NTNU has been working with Kanazawa University for an English teaching plan; the History Department and the Department of Life Science have other programs with various universities in Japan. To conclude, he hopes that NTNU can work with Doshisha University as well for a dual degree program. As for President Takashi Matsuoka, he explained that there are only 10 dual-degree students at Doshisha University. Yet, he is glad to discover more possibilities in the future and would like to start from having academic exchange with NTNU.