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個人資料使用聲明書 Personal Information Collection and Usage Statement
  1. 機構名稱:國立臺灣師範大學
  2. 個人資料蒐集之目的:
  3. 個人資料之蒐集方式:
  4. 個人資料之類別:以申請表單填報資料為主。
  5. 個人資料利用之期間、地區、對象及方式:
    1. 期間:個人資料蒐集之特定目的存續期間、提供學生校友服務之期間、本校執行業務所必須之保存期間或依相關法令就資料之保存所訂保存年限。
    2. 地區:台灣地區(包括澎湖、金門及馬祖等地區)、本校締結之海外姊妹校地區。
    3. 對象:本校、主管機關、簽約維護廠商、本校締結之海外姊妹校、合作學校。
    4. 方式:
      1. 電子文件、紙本或其他合於當時科技之適當方式。
      2. 符合個資法第20條規定之利用。
  6. 個資當事人得依個資法規定請求查詢、閱覽、製給複製本、補充或更正、請求停止蒐集、處理或利用及請求刪除。個資當事人行使上述權利時,須依本校規定驗證確認本人身分後提出申請。若委託他人辦理,須另出具委託書並同時提供受託人身份證明文件以供核對。若申請人不符前述規定,本校得請申請人補充資料,以為憑辦。
  7. 前條停止蒐集、處理、利用或刪除個人資料之請求,經本校受理後於個資法法定時限內通知請求人准駁之決定。
  8. 個資當事人應自行確認提供之個人資料均為真實且正確;如有不實或需變更者,個資當事人應立即檢附相關證明文件送交本校辦理更正。
  9. 個資當事人如未提供真實且正確完整之個人資料,導致無法製作學生證、緊急事件無法聯繫、辦理保險等,將影響學生權益,請特別注意。
  10. 本校得依法令或遵照主管機關、司法機關依法所為之要求,提供個人資料及相關資料。
  11. 若您對此告知事項之內容有任何疑慮,請聯絡本校國際事務處886-2-77341274。

Personal Information Collection and Usage Statement

In order to protect your rights and help you understand how the National Taiwan Normal University (hereafter referred to as the NTNU) collects and uses your personal information, please read the contents of each section of this statement carefully. If you are under twenty years old, please have your guardian or legal representative read and sign this statement.
  1. Institution’s name: National Taiwan Normal University

  2. The collection of personal information is mainly based on the
  3. Aim of collecting personal information:
    ensuing purposes:
    1. to perform necessary work related to student management, such as registration, academic performance evaluation, education advice and career planning;
    2. to provide the information for governmental agencies or other institutions for the following special purposes consented by the Party:
      1. personal insurance for specific purpose
      2. military service
      3. substitute for military service administration
      4. education or training administration
      5. collaboration between industries and academia
      6. tax administration
      7. surveys
      8. statistics and research analysis
      9. student (member) (including graduates and those not graduated) information management
      10. academic research
      11. management of other central government organizations and subordinate units within government organizations, public affairs supervision, administrative assistance and related business
      12. execution of related business for other public organizations (including administrative corporations, government endowment foundations and other public corporations)
      13. management of other local government organizations and subordinate units within government organizations, public affairs supervision, administrative assistance and related business
      14. other financial services
  4. Method of personal information collection:
    The personal information collected is provided personally by the Party involved, by post, via the internet, through oral description or by other means in appropriate manners.
  5. Classification of personal information:
    It depends on the type of data filled out by the Party in the forms.
  6. Duration, area, target and use of personal information:
    1. Duration of the use of personal information:
      The duration of personal information preservation includes the duration of services with specific purposes that the personal information is collected for, the duration of services provided for students and alumni, the duration of preservation required for the NTNU to conduct business, and the duration of years of information preservation stipulated by relevant laws or regulations.
    2. Area of the use of personal information:
      Taiwan (including Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu and other regions), and the regions where the overseas sister universities of the NTNU are located.
    3. Target of the use of personal information:
      The NTNU, authorities, maintenance contract vendors, the overseas sister universities of the NTNU, and other partner schools.
    4. Method of the use of personal information:
      1. Electronic documents, paper, or other appropriate methods via technologies of that time.
      2. Utilization in accordance with Article 20 of the Personal Information Protection Act.
  7. In accordance with regulations of the Personal Information Protection Act, the Party can apply to check, read, obtain a copy of, supplement or correct the personal information, request the termination of collection, processing or use of the information, and request deletion of the information. When exercising the abovementioned rights, according to the NTNU regulations, the identity of the individual must be confirmed and verified before an application can be submitted. If another person is entrusted to make the request, a power of attorney document is required, and at the same time proof of the identity of the trustee must be provided for verification. If the applicant does not comply with the aforesaid rules, the NTNU has the right to ask the applicant to submit necessary documents in order to continue the procedure.
  8. Regarding requesting the termination of collection, processing or use of the information and requesting deletion of the information specified in the abovementioned rules, after the NTNU proceeds with the request application, the applicant will be notified whether the request is permitted or overruled within the statutory period specified in the Personal Information Protection Act.
  9. The Party should verify the personal information provided is true and correct. If it is incorrect or needs to be changed, the Party should immediately deliver the related documentation of proof to the school for handling the correction.
  10. If the Party has not yet provided genuine, correct and complete personal information, it may lead to unfavorable results; for example, the NTNU will be unable to make student card for the Party, to establish contact in an emergency situation, to purchase insurance, etc. It will influence the rights of the Party. Please pay special attention.
  11. In accordance with the law or in compliance with the requests of authorities or the judiciary, the NTNU will provide the Party’s personal information or related information for other institutions when needed.
  12. If you have any further question about this statement, please contact the Office of International Affairs, NTNU at 886-2-77341274.
This is to declare that I have fully understood the abovementioned rules and authorize the NTNU to collect and use my data under the aforesaid situations.
  1. 本人已閱讀、瞭解並保證符合臺灣教育部公告之「外國學生來臺就學辦法」之申請資格。(http://law.moj.gov.tw/LawClass/LawAll.aspx?PCode=H0110001>)
    I have read and understand Article 2 of the Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan issued by the Ministry of Education and hereby affirm that I meet the definition of "international student" as specified therein. (http://law.moj.gov.tw/LawClass/LawAll.aspx?PCode=H0110001>)
  2. 本人所提供之最高學歷畢業證書(報名學士班者為高中畢業證書,研究所者為大學或碩士畢業證書)在畢業學校所在國家均為合法有效取得畢業資格,並所持之證件相當於中華民國國內之各級合法學校授與學位。
    The diploma I provide (secondary degree diploma for applying for undergraduate program, bachelor or master's degree for graduate program) is valid in the home country of the conferring school, and equivalent to the degree conferred by lawful academic school in the ROC.
  3. 本人在臺未曾因操行不及格或因刑事案件經判刑確定致遭大學院校退學。
    I have never been dismissed from schools in Taiwan after admission due to behavior issues, poor academic performance or a conviction under the Criminal Law.
  4. 本人保證未曾以僑生身分在臺就學,且未於當學年度接受海外聯合招生委員會分發。
    I hereby certify that I have never studied as an overseas Chinese student in Taiwan nor received placement permission during the same year of the application by the University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students.
  5. 本人了解來臺就學期間在臺辦理戶籍登記、戶籍遷入登記、歸化或回復中華民國國籍者,貴校應予退學並喪失外國學生身分。
    I understand that during the course of study in Taiwan, I am approved for initial household registration, resident registration, naturalization or restoration of their R.O.C. nationality, will lose my international student status and shall withdraw from NTNU.
  6. 本人保證已閱畢貴校外國學位生申請入學簡章,並了解逾期繳件或未依規定繳交完整且正確申請文件貴校不予受理,本人絕無異議。
    I hereby certificate I have read through “Application Prospectus for International Students” and understand late submission, incomplete or incorrect submission is not acceptable. The decision by NTNU is final and irrevocable.
  7. 本人保證提供之所有申請相關資訊及文件均為合法有效之文件,並同意授權貴校查證,如經查證有不實之情事,本人同意貴校取消其申請資格或撤銷學籍(已入學者),絕無異議。
    I hereby certify that all application related information and documents I provided are legal and valid. Moreover, I hereby authorize NTNU to check on any of my submitted information and document. If any of it is found to be false, I will accept the consequences of deprivation of my application or admission(enrolled student). The decision by NTNU is final and irrevocable.
  8. 上述所陳之任一事項同意授權 貴校查證,如有不實或不符規定等情事屬實者,本人願依 貴校相關規定辦理,絕無異議。
    I agree to authorize the National Taiwan Normal University to verify any information provided above. I am willing to follow the rules and regulations of National Taiwan Normal University without any objections should the information provided be found untruthful.