Publication Date:April 25, 2021
Education in NTNU ranked 28th in QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021
全國最佳名次 臺師大教育學科全球第28名

The latest QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021 was just announced by Quacquarelli Symonds. Ten subjects from NTNU are on the list and three of them are within top 100 of the world. Education is ranked at 28th and linguistics at 53rd and Modern Languages ranked 98th. This is an embodiment of NTNU’s work on Internationalization and cross disciplinary collaboration. The resources and efforts of Internationalization on academic publishing and students make NTNU a vibrant learning community full of energy.[ more ]

3學科全球百名 10學科入榜 國際高等教育調查機構(Quacquarelli Symonds,簡稱QS)公布2021全球大學學科排名,國立臺灣師範大學共有10個學科入榜,其中3個學科入榜全球百名,名次也都上升,教育學科獲評為全球第28名,是全國各大學中在此次排名表現最佳的名次,語言學全球第53名,現代語言則名列第98名,顯示臺師大近年來投注的研究資源、推動學術國際化和學生國際化的努力,讓豐沛學術能量被全球看見。[ more ]

Award-wining NTNU builds Friendly Campus of International Students
臺師大打造國際友善校園 獲選境外生輔導工作績優學校

National Taiwan Normal University has spared no effort to create a friendly environment for international teachers and students for many years. According to the Times Higher Education and QS World University Rankings, the performance of National Taiwan Normal University in international performance and international student ratio are all ranked top 1 in Taiwan. Last year, NTNU was selected by the Ministry of Education as the Excellent School for Foreign Student Counseling in 2020 and the Administrative Executive Mou Yi-Ting of the International Affairs Office, was awarded outstanding employee.[ more ]

國立臺灣師範大學多年打造友善國際師生的環境不遺餘力,根據泰晤士報(THE)高等教育特刊及英國高等教育調查機構「QS」世界大學排行榜,師大的國際化表現及國際學生比例皆為全臺第1名,去年更獲選為教育部109年境外學生輔導工作績優學校,其中國際事務處行政專員牟毅庭更獲得績優人員獎項。   [ more ]

AIT Cultural Affairs Officer Talks on Study Abroad and Culture Exchange in the USA
赴美留學非難事 AIT文化官直播解惑

To increase the international mobility of students, the Center of General Education of NTNU invited Cultural Affairs Officer of AIT Luke Martin on a livestream talk on March 26th with Vice President of International Affairs Liu Hsiang-Lin on the topic of Study Abroad and Culture Exchange in the USA. Officer Martin talked about the mission of AIT and his role of facilitating cultural and educational exchange as the Cultural Affairs Officer.[ more ]

為提升同學國際移動力,通識教育中心於3月26日邀請美國在台協會(American Institute in Taiwan, AIT)馬明遠文化官(Luke Martin)與劉祥麟國際長直播對談,暢談「美國研修與文化交流攻略」,分析美國高等教育的特色與優勢,並介紹美國在台協會針對不同需求,提供赴美獎學金計畫,期盼同學善用資源,順利赴美進修及發展專業工作職涯。   [ more ]

2021 Virtual Study Abroad Fair at NTNU
線上姊妹校大學日 邀請多間姊妹校即時解惑

The Office of International Affairs at National Taiwan Normal University held the 'Virtual Study Abroad Fair” at 3:30 pm on March 17, inviting Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary, University of Burgundy in France, Aix-Marseille University in France, University of Bayreuth in Germany, and Jyväskylä University in Finland to join. More than 70 students participated in the event, asking questions about scholarships, courses, class format, work visas, etc. Representatives of the universities responded enthusiastically to their questions. It was a lovely afternoon for students and university administrators.[ more ]

國立臺灣師範大學國際事務處於3月17日下午3點30分舉行「線上姊妹校大學日」,邀請匈牙利羅蘭大學、法國勃艮第大學、法國艾克斯馬賽大學、德國拜羅伊特大學、及芬蘭于韋斯屈萊大學,活動共計有70多位同學上線參與,並就獎學金、課程內容、上課形式、工作簽證等提出問題,各大學代表也十分熱心地一一回覆,活動圓滿成功。   [ more ]

NTNU Student tops the First Overseas Compatriot Students Translation Competition
華語系越南僑生黃玉英 獲首屆僑生翻譯賽冠軍

The Overseas Community Affairs Council of ROC held the first Overseas Compatriot Students Translation Competition in 2020. The award ceremony was held on December 29th. More than 600 overseas Chinese students in Taiwan participated. Huang Yu Ying, a Vietnamese student from the Department of Chinese as Second Language of NTNU won the first place and received the prize of 50,000 NTD.[ more ]

僑務委員會今年首度舉行「僑生翻譯比賽」,12月29日舉辦頒獎典禮,今年共吸引600多位在臺僑生參與,來自越南的臺師大華語文教學系學生黃玉英拿下第一名,獲得5萬元獎金,展現雙語優勢。 首屆「僑生翻譯比賽」聚焦印尼、越南及泰文,包含筆譯(外文譯為中文)及面試兩部分,評審委員共7位,包括臺灣師範大學僑生先修部教師、中央廣播電台相關語言節目主持人及僑委會官員,競賽吸引600多名在臺僑生報名,經層層篩選,最後選出3名優勝、7名佳作。[ more ]

首頁 › en_news › People NTNU professor 1st Taiwanese to receive distinguished chemistry
臺灣第一人 科教所邱美虹獲IUPAC化學與化工傑出女性獎

Taipei, Feb. 18 (CNA) Chiu Mei-hung (邱美虹), a professor at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), has become the first Taiwanese to receive the Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering award by an international scientific organization, the Taipei-based university said on Thursday.[ more ]

全球女性科學家不到三成,有百年歷史的國際純化學和應用化學聯合會(IUPAC),近日公布今年度化學與化工傑出女性獎得獎名單,國立臺灣師範大學科學教育研究所邱美虹特聘教授是臺灣首位獲此殊榮的學者。 [ more ]

5th Annual Conference of Association for Reading and Writing in Asian held by NTNU
亞洲讀寫協會年會 上百名國際讀寫研究學者線上交流

The 5th Annual Conference of Association for Reading and Writing in Asian was held on March 5th. The two-day event was organized by Special Education Department and the College of Education of NTNU and co-organized by Asia-Pacific Association of Teacher Education. More than 150 participants from 16 countries joined the conference.[ more ]

第五屆亞洲讀寫學會年會 (Annual Conference of Association for Reading and Writing in Asian) 2021年3月5日召開,由臺師大特殊教育學系主辦,教育學院、亞太師資教育學會協辦,為期兩天,與會者超過150人來自16國,3月6日圓滿落幕。[ more ]

Taipei university opens Gao Xingjian Center, exhibition
影音》臺師大高行健資料中心啟用 《靈山行》特展同步開展

National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) opened the Gao Xingjian Center (高行健資料中心) in Taipei, and launched an exhibition and a book showcasing the works of the Nobel laureate. The center, on the sixth floor of NTNU’s Main Library, boasts a collection of 593 manuscripts and other materials donated by Gao, who was in 2000 awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature “for an oeuvre of universal validity, bitter insights and linguistic ingenuity,” the university said.[ more ]

諾貝爾文學獎得主、臺灣師大講座教授高行健先生,被曾任駐中國和德國大使的克羅德•馬騰稱之為「世界公民,普世藝術家」。國立臺灣師範大學於2021年成立「高行健資料中心」,典藏高行健講座教授捐贈之手稿文獻與相關資料共計593件,藉此推展高行健研究,期許未來發展成為華語地區的高行健研究重地。本中心於1月25日正式啟用,並舉行《靈山行》特展開展暨新書發表,除了展出《靈山行》畫冊中的照片和畫作意象外,並首次展出高行健致贈本校的畫作《沉思者》及11幅限量版畫。 [ more ]

The Opening of Center of Astronomy and Gravitation at NTNU
天文與重力中心揭牌啟用 凝聚理學院跨系研究能量

Taiwan is astronomy talents and since the last academic year, NTNU has recruited several Yushan scholars to the Faculty of Science. A year later, the Center of Astronomy and Gravitation was established to develop cross-departmental research and attract talents in earth sciences, physics, and mathematics. the first director of the center Lin Feng Li, said that black hole research has attracted much attention in recent years. He hopes that through the establishment of the center, the domestic research gap can be bridged so that Taiwan will not be absent from international academic exchanges.[ more ]

臺灣天文科學人才輩出,臺師大從上學年開始延攬多位玉山青年學者成為理學院生力軍。相隔一年多時間又成立「天文與重力中心」,發展跨系研究領域,結合地球科學、物理、數學人才,成為全臺大學唯一。中心首任主任林豐利表示,特別黑洞研究近年備受關注,希望透過成立中心彌補國內研究斷層,讓臺灣在國際學術交流上不缺席。[ more ]

A Blow to Know Your Blood Sugar Level
化學系研發呼氣偵測器 吹氣可望瞭解血糖變化 檢測糖尿病不用再挨針

Blood sugar test is necessary for diabetes patients at home. With the use of needles, invasive procedures are stressful to patients. As the diet has changed throughout the year, the number of diabetes patients has been rising year by year. More people suffer from this disease at an early age. Now there are around 2 million diabetes patients in Taiwan with an increase of 25,000 patients each year.[ more ]

糖尿病患者在家自我測量都需扎針滴血檢測,侵入性檢查不論程度輕重,當事人感受到的壓力總大過於非侵入性的檢測。近年來大眾飲食習慣的改變,使全球糖尿病患者逐年攀升,並有年輕化的趨勢,目前全臺約有200多萬名糖尿病患者,每年增加約2萬5000名,不論大人與小孩皆可能為潛在患者。[ more ]

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