International Students Application-Departmental Requirements

Undergraduate Program of Electro-Optical Engineering
Enrollment Semesters2020 Fall
2021 Spring
2021 Fall
2022 Spring
Language of InstructionProgram taught in Chinese
Admission Evaluation
  • Document Review
  • Weighted Score:
    Document Review: 100%
Required Qualification
Language Proficiency
  • Chinese Language Proficiency: Not Required
  • English Language Proficiency: Not Required
Application Documents
  • Signed application form
    ※Please print out, sign the application forms, scan and upload it to the system.
  • Two-inch passport photo
  • Receipt or proof of application fee or a U.S. dollar wire transfer
  • Passport/Identification and R.O.C. Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) for those holding one
    ※If the applicant is of foreign nationality as specified in Article 2 under the MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan and possesses (or has possessed) nationality status from the Republic of China (R.O.C.), additional proof is required, such as entry and departure records for the past 6 years, a declaration form stating that they do not hold a R.O.C. household registration, Certificate of Nationality Renouncement of Republic of China or other proof of documents.
  • An official financial statement
    ※a minimum of NTD 100,000 (or USD 3,000) is required. Please select one of the following ways of submission:
    (1)An official financial statement issued within the past three months from a financial institution.
    (2)If the financial statement provided is not under the name of the applicant, please submit (a) the sponsor’s financial statement (b) a financial guarantee from the sponsor
    (3)The proof showing the applicant have been awarded full scholarship.
  • Diploma of the highest academic degree
  • One translated copy of the applicant’s highest diploma in English or Chinese
  • One translated copy of the applicant’s complete transcripts (for ALL years of study) in English or Chinese
  • ※Eligible applicants who graduate at the same year as the admission to National Taiwan Normal University must submit transcripts for each academic semester and the ‘Deposition of Admission Documents for National Taiwan Normal University International Applicants’, and are not required to submit the diploma during application. The diploma and transcripts for each academic semester must be submitted upon registration (Diplomas or degree certificates from China are required to have the documents notarized by relevant authorities.); otherwise, the applicants admitted to NTNU will have their admission revoked.

    ※Applicants applying with diplomas or degree certificates from China are required to have the documents notarized by relevant authorities. If authentication cannot be completed by the application deadline, please submit degree certificate, complete transcript and a signed Deposition of Admission Documents.

    ※Admitted students must submit the original ones for review to the Office of International Affairs on the day of enrollment.

    ※NTNU holds the right to request applicants to have their degree certificate or diploma authenticated by the ROC diplomatic missions should NTNU find any problem in the applicants’ documents.

Departmental Requirements
  • Study plan
  • Any document that might be supportive
Notes1. Applicants who are colorblind, blind, deaf, physically challenged, or mentally challenged are advised to think twice before applying.
2. The department may require admitted students to take basic Chinese courses or certain professional subjects as prerequisites in addition to the basic requirement if the department sees fit according to the students’ competence in Chinese.
  • Admitted students are not allowed to defer admission until the next academic year.
Department Information
IntroductionNational Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) established the Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical Science and Technology (IEO) M.S. Program in 2001 under the College of Science, followed by a Ph.D. Program in 2005. The Undergraduate Program of Electro-Optical Engineering (UPEOE) was established in 2018 under the College of Technology and Engineering.
UPEOE offers a wide range of university-level training programs, from general courses in photonic/optics to independent research. Through them, students cultivate abilities in developing independent research, as well as teamwork and leadership skills. Following graduation, students are encouraged to continue their studies at the graduate institute or start working in related industries.
Features of Curriculum1.Cultivate professionals in optoelectronic technology to meet the needs of society.
2.Develop students' ability to think independently and lay the foundation for lifelong learning.
3.Cultivate students' professional ethics, international outlook and social service.
Career ProspectsOur students have many options for career development:
1.Industry opportunities: After graduation, students can work as a photoelectric engineer in a private or public company. Major employers include Epi star, AUO, etc.
2.Teaching opportunities: Students may take courses offered by the department for accreditation to teach physics or teach in various disciplines in vocational high schools.
3.Studying for a master's degree: Options include the Institute of Electro-Optical Science and Technology (IEO) at NTNU, or other institutes of optoelectronics in Taiwan or abroad.
Contact InformationMs Reyu-Rong Chou / 886-2-7749-6730 /